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Dr. Michal Sela

Chair of Board

Dr Michal Sela, MA, DMD, is a senior international consultant on leadership development and civic engagement with special expertise on gender equality. She is a gender lecturer in MA programs, focusing on translating theoretical approaches into practice, with vast social entrepreneurship experience. Currently she is working mainly in Europe (Germany, Ukraine, Spain) and had lead many projects in Africa and India. Michal has extensive experience in NGO management as well as driving policy changes. She has previously served as the executive director of the IWN, a non partisan women's rights organization in Israel. She was the head of the Industry Committee in the Council for the advancement of women in Science and Technology in the Ministry of Science and Technology. Michal is also the co-founder and Chair of Board of NOGAFem, a unique and specialized NGO committed to driving innovation in Women's health unmet needs.


Dr. Michal Sela
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