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Education and Knowledge

Sex and Gender Medicine is a relatively new field aimed at developing tools for diagnosis and optimal treatment based on an understanding that the function of the body's systems is influenced by an individual's sex and gender. It is vital to integrate thinking about sex and gender into the healthcare system and adapt diagnosis and treatment to the diverse needs of different genders and populations in order to create true personalized medicine. Traditionally, sex and gender medicine are not incorporated or taught uniformly and in a standardized way in the medical and allied medical school curriculum. This leads to a whole generation of health care and allied healthcare professionals who lack education and knowledge around the importance of integrating sex and gender into clinical practice. In innovation, lack of sex and gender awareness can lead to missed market opportunities and the design and implementation of devices, services and diagnostics that are not appropriate for all patient populations.

NOGAFEM is leading  sex- and gender lens mainstreaming in healthcare, by examining the research gaps ,  educating the next generation of healthcare and allied healthcare professionals on sex- and gender-based healthcare and the impact on  developing innovation processes.

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Education and Knowledge
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